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Inspiration and Thought

The inspiration of smartconn comes from the thought that an user should be concerned with the job.So the concept theme is "Content is more important than the place of its existence."

The current OS give more emphasis on where a file is saved i.e., to say OS is file centric than data or job centric. I have seen few open source projects in this regard to change this theme. I think the future operating systems should take the task and problems about storing the data and issues pertaining to it. User should be freed from his undeclared job as a content manager for his PC.

I say Spread sheet is not important to me but the data in it is invaluable.

AIM of this Project

The main aim of this project is to provide a web facility to access back-end unix servers. SmartConn will also provide various facilities that can leverged upon to do make work on unix lot easier.

VISION of Software to be built

I vision smartconn to have following features

1) Connect to Unix server through web interface and interact with it as a shell interface.
2) To connect multiple servers with a session concept.
3) Make a session active or inactive and restore the sessions when needed.
4) The ability to transfer file between various servers.
5) To optimise the file transfering time between unix servers, so that file transfer takes minimum amount of time.
6) Create an ability to link files across the servers.
7) Facility to edit any unix files in real time through either mock Vi/notepad editors from web interface.
8) The ability to connect to remote unix server via as chain of unix servers.
9) A good GUI for user to browse through as an explorer.
10) Ability to run cron job to control various processes over different Unix machines.

please write your feedback to nageswara(dot)sastry(at)gmail(dot)com.